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Backup Systems

Your inverter backup system is only as good as the state of charge of your battery bank

I installed just this morning an imported made in India 3.6kva 48vdc inverter for a client and realized that the charging current was just 11 amps as clearly stated on the inverter manual. I have written severally about most of these inverters from China and India being manufactured using design assumptions that make sense in those countries but don't make sense in Nigeria. Now, the typical battery capacity we use in Nigeria is a 12V 200Ah...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on January, 26 2017

Making sense of inverter backup systems

Concerning using inverter backup systems at home or in the office please keep the following in mind1. Inverter backup systems are not replacements but backup to your primary source of electricity2. Reducing your total energy requirement will help reduce the tota cost of the system and increase the backup time3. Focusing on things like lighting points, electronics and cooling fans will give you the most cost effective solution4. It is cheaper for you to reduce your...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on February, 2 2016

The current exchange rate good for Nigerians that are into local production

The current exchange rate good for Nigerians that are into local production   PMB gets the credit for this whether or not the current crazy exchange rate is an intended consequence of some of his policies. We have resumed the manufacturing of inverters locally using everyday components and parts for Nigerians thanks to the ever increasing price of imported inverters due to the naira-dollar exchange rate issue. We stopped building these inverters sometime last year because...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on January, 31 2016

What energy efficiency means in lay man terms

Let's say I have 15 nos energy saving electric bulbs at home all rated 5W each.Let's say you have 15 nos regular incandescent electric bulbs at home all rated 60W each.My total energy requirement would be 75W and yours would be 900WThe implications1, You will have to pay 12 times whatever I get to pay to PHCN to power the same number of bulbs - you spend more2. You will have to get a higher capacity...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on December, 8 2015

Concerning alternative energy and backup systems

Most of my friends know that the last time a generator was used in my office was sometime in 2005 and without electricity the office practically shuts down. A good number of them know that we build power inverters locally using everyday components you can buy at Oshodi which makes our building process longer and the final product more expensive than the imported inverters from China and India.Well, something just changed and it's a positive development.No...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on December, 7 2015

The role of voltage regulators in backup systems

Every single electronic or electrical appliance is manufactured and expected to perform based on certain assumptions. One of the assumptions is that the input voltage would be a certain voltage for example Europe and Africa settle for 220V while the USA is ok with 110V. The utility provider like PHCN in our case under normal circumstances delivers 220V at 50Hz frequency but under abnormal circumstances can send over 300V to your house or office and when...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on September, 12 2009

Inverter backup systems - Nightmares or success stories?

Inverter backup systems are becoming common these days but the experiences out there on the field have more or less created a mixed atmosphere of caution, fear, joy, uncertainty, disappointment, satisfaction etc depending on who you ask. One fact remains regardless of failed projects out there, inverter backup systems remain the most cost effective alternative to poor power supply and generators for the typical homes and offices. This fact is further cemented by another fact from...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on July, 4 2009

Why a lot of inverter backup systems fail

It is no longer news that people have wasted money on inverter backup solutions that never delivered on their promises What is shocking however is that the average person buying into this backup system don't bother to know how these things work, they just trust completely what service providers say. Inverter based backup systems provide power supply when regular power fails by converting the DC in batteries to usable AC that powers appliances in the home...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on July, 29 2008

Bank ATM Inverter Backup Guide

Inverter backup systems have become the preferred choice for bank ATMs these days and it is important for banks to have a reasonable guide that will reduce the risk of project failures to the barest minimum. This guide is for banks that may be contemplating deploying inverter backup systems for their ATMs and indeed any critical loads that may not be cost effectively powered by generators and banks that may have had some disappointments in the...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on June, 23 2008


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