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Time to take energy efficiency serious

By Afam Nnaji on December, 11 2008

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There is no better time to emphasize on the importance of energy efficiency than now considering the reality facing the world in terms of dwindling economy.

Even electronics makers are shifting to energy efficient products by updating or even radically changing designs to focus more on energy efficiency.

Why would someone be wasting say 900W of electricity every single hour when 75W of electricity is enough to achieve the same purpose? Why pay 12 times what you should be paying to PHCN simply because you do not want to take energy efficiency serious?

Why would PHCN and the relevant agencies in the power sector not take the issue of energy efficiency serious considering the fact that they cannot even march the demand for electricity today.

Take a look at your electronics and other home appliances in your homes and offices and see whether you can reduce your energy bills today and forever.

From electric incandescent bulbs that are energy inefficient to TVs, CRT based computer monitors, refrigerators to ACs that are unnecessarily power hungry the story is the same, we have energy efficient alternatives to these products and there is no reason why we cannot embrace them.

Even if the government refuses to do anything we should be able to crash our energy bills and divert the excess funds into other productive ventures.

Some of the many advantages of energy efficient products are reduced energy bills, smaller inverter backup systems for those that use them, smaller capacity generators for those that still depend on generators for backup power.

I have deliberately left out the issue of global warming and the part reduced carbon dioxide emissions play in reducing it because we have more than enough politics going on in that area so I will leave that to the environmentalists to defend or promote. Right now I want us to see the immediate benefits of embracing energy efficiency since we are most likely going to get involved in ventures that easily show whether we can make more money or lose more money based on our choices.

It is a win-win situation, in fact there is no downside to it and as such should be the newest song we should be singing today.

As for the government, the current price of crude oil is enough to make it clear that the power to decide what people would pay for our oil does not lie with the government and it is very possible that one day the demand for crude oil will be so low that some states cannot even survive on the proceeds from crude oil sales.

Maybe the time is now for the government to promote or initiate alternative energy projects that could even be exported to other countries.

We have more than enough natural and human resources that could be taken advantage of to provide steady power supply to all Nigerians and even have enough to export to other countries.

With solar energy getting cheaper, wind turbines getting smaller, cars running on electricity forward thinking investors and governments should understand that the world is seriously moving towards alternative energy and energy efficiency.

You can reduce your energy requirements today or you can increase it, the choice is ultimately yours.


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