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Concerning alternative energy and backup systems

By Afam Nnaji on December, 7 2015

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Most of my friends know that the last time a generator was used in my office was sometime in 2005 and without electricity the office practically shuts down.

A good number of them know that we build power inverters locally using everyday components you can buy at Oshodi which makes our building process longer and the final product more expensive than the imported inverters from China and India.

Well, something just changed and it's a positive development.

No longer will you have to wait for 1 week for use to build and deliver your inverter - you could get your inverter same day or next day.

No longer will you have to pay more for our inverters - you will certainly pay less.

No longer will you have to deal with whether or not you will run sensitive medical equipment with out modified sine wave inverters (cool with over 95% of electrical and electronic appliances out there by the way) - you now get pure or true sine wave inverters.

As for the batteries, how does 18 months warranty on extra reliable tubular batteries sound to your ears?

The batteries are serviceable and the inverters will be replaced not repaired on site.

Same warranty and same support!

So, you can begin a discussion concerning getting an inverter backup solution for your home or office today and have the entire backup solution deployed and commissioned tomorrow or next tomorrow if you are within Lagos.

Or, do you think that the power problem will be solved by this government or even the next one?

It won't happen because energy is a moving target and as long as our population keeps increasing with our quest for electrical/electronic gadgets on the high side the grid will never provide enough electricity for Nigerians to use no matter how much tariff they charge and promises they make.

Anyone that can run a generator for 2 years has more than enough to deploy an inverter backup system whether at home or in the office.

So, at Just Alternative Power, we have transitioned from 1 week build time for a bit expensive modified sine wave inverter to a day or two delivery time for a cheaper pure/true sine wave inverter while retaining the same level of warranty and support for the inverters plus 18 months warranty for tubular deep cycle batteries.

Contact us via email or phone calls to get started!


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