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How to drastically reduce your energy bills

By Afam Nnaji on August, 28 2007

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75% of your energy bills attributed to bulbs can be saved today if you wanted to. We waste a lot of energy on a daily basis and this could be one of the reasons why power can not go round until we begin to change our ways.

A simple maths will demonstrate what you can achieve by applying some simple techniques that will crash your energy bills today.

60W bulb consume 60W of energy per hour. Lets say you have 10 of these bulbs in your home it means that for every hour you have these bulbs on you are consuming 600W of electricity.

If you have them on for say 10 hours everyday then on a daily basis you will be consuming 6000W or 6kW. Since for the typical home we pay N4.00 per KW of energy used then everyday you pay N24.00 and let us assume that you could run this for 30 days then on bulbs alone you will be spending N24.00 x 30 days = N720.00.

Have you ever heard of energy saving bulbs? I use them, especially the ones rated 15W. So, instead of using 60W bulbs or even 100W bulbs consider using the 15W energy saving bulbs and let us see what this simple change will do to our calculation above.

60W x 10(nos) x 10hrs = 6000W
15W x 10(nos) x 10hrs = 1500W

6000W x N4.00 x 30 days= N720.00
1500W x N4.00 x 30 days= N180.00

Now, instead of paying N720.00 for bulbs alone you will be paying just N180.00 and you still have the same number of bulbs in your home and they are even brighter.

I hear that by 2009 it will be illegal for anyone to use the regular 60W or 100W we are used to today in Australia, a law has been put in place to that effect, maybe they are more interested in saving the planet or reducing the cost of energy usage and generation than we do in Nigeria.

Do a small energy efficiency program in your home today and see how you can crash your energy bills in no time.


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