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Power Inverters - It is all about enforceable warranties

By Afam Nnaji on January, 31 2008

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Power inverters, unlike most appliances demand the most reliability since in reality they provide power to all other electrical and electronic appliances out there.

In the market today you have power inverters from both local manufacturers and foreign manufacturers with their prices ranging from very cheap to pretty expensive.

While I agree that the price of anything is important, in the case of power inverters price in reality is not the most important factor but reliability.

Picking an off the shelf inverter is easy and cheap but what of the support that will most likely be needed before, during and after installation of the inverter backup system?

Should something go wrong who do you complain to? An electrician, the seller (who may just be buying and reselling the units), the manufacturer or will you try to solve the problem yourself?

I believe that getting an inverter from the manufacturer whether local or foreign will be your best bet as the manufacturer is in the best position to offer support for its products.

If the manufacturer is not within reach in the case of imported inverters then getting the units from the manufacturer's accredited dealers would suffice.

Now, tied with this issue of where you get your power inverters from is the warranty that comes with the units.

Is the manufacturer providing any warranty and if yes, how many years? Who will pay for what in the course of repairs from parts to labour and to transportation?

If I buy an inverter for N10,000.00 and I don't get a warranty from the seller/manufacturer and in 1 year I get to spend up to N10,000.00 or N15,000.00 for repairs then I may as well do well by getting an inverter from a source that provides enforceable warranty for say 1 year for N14,000.00 knowing that should something go wrong the manufacturer will foot the bills for any repairs or replacements that may take place.

Many people have used inverters in their homes and offices and quite a number of them have been disappointed in the inverter systems for different reasons but one would readily sleep well if he/she knows that the manufacturer of any product he/she is buying will guarantee the product for any given number of months or years.


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