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Company Overview

Just Alternative Power is a company that maintains a very high level of professional integrity backed by a robust and dependable founder and co-ordinator, Afam Nnaji.

With focus on local manufacturing of inverters, research and development of other alternative sources of energy generation Just Alternative Power is actually on the threshold of expanding into a regional leader in alternative energy products for the country Nigeria and indeed West Africa.

How we got here

Just Alternative Power, an initiative of Just Web Services is an outfit borne out of necessity.

One year of running an IT firm in a typical office in Lagos, on Allen Avenue to be precise was enough to decide that using generators to provide power for the office was a no go area considering the cost of fuel, servicing, inconveniences of starting and stopping the generator especially when it is raining.

A good look at the small UPS that powers a regular PC got me thinking "If this can power a PC for some minutes then a circuit must exist that handles a larger load and a bigger battery".

Six months later the first locally made inverter was setup and clients who came to discuss software products and web applications kept asking for what I was switching ON and OFF as PHCN took and restored power supply while discussing IT related projects.

After building for a couple of people that wanted the inverter backup I figured it may just make sense to plan to take care of more people as word of mouth advert became the order of the day.

The rest they say is history as JAP inverters have found their ways into homes and offices across different geo graphical regions of Nigeria.

We have our eyes on the solar energy and wind energy technologies while consolidating on the very reliable inverters that we build locally.

Come to think of it, we do not have a generator at our office and still we never run out of power supply, need we say more?

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No 93 Allen Avenue
2nd Floor
Allen Avenue, Ikeja
Lagos State

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