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Welcome to Just Alternative Power

Trends, policies, experiences, articles on energy conservation and efficiency can be found with ease while increasing our knowledge and taking actions to help make responsible use of energy in a cost effective manner.

A quick take on energy efficiency and the associated cost savings is presented below

15 nos 60W incandescent bulbs - 900W x 24 hrs x N4.00 = N86.40

15 nos 5W energy saving bulbs - 75W x 24 hrs x N4.00 = N7.20

This means that the person using the 60W bulbs will use 12 times the energy used by the person using 5W energy saving bulbs and in the process spend 12 times more on energy bills.

In fact the same person will have a backup system that will last 12 times less than what the other person will have in any back system. Further more, the person may as well be consuming energy for his home that could be used to power 12 homes all running 15 nos 5W energy saving bulbs.

So, why power a single home when 12 homes could be powered with the same amount of energy and the same number of bulbs?

While you are trying to figure out the answer to this question now is the time to say welcome to Just Alternative Power and hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Concerning Energy

First things first, energy is a moving target so you can never predict the exact cost of generation, transmission and distribution as long as the generation depends on natural resources like fossil fuel due to the fact that the price of crude oil is determined by a lot of factors ranging from economics to politics or even mere speculations as in the case of wars.

However, the only way for you to reduce your energy spending is to reduce your energy requirements or to generate your own electricity using any of the renewable energy sources out there like solar and wind energy.

Inadequate electricity supply

Nothing is guaranteed so even in areas where you have enough electricity being generated there will always be periods of blackouts due to either planned maintenance or natural disasters. This is where backup applications come in.

They are usually made up of stored energy and power conversion units to turn the energy into usable electricity for the intended loads.

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